• Dawn Saga Box Set: The Complete Space Opera Series (4 Books)

Dawn Saga Box Set: The Complete Space Opera Series (4 Books)

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Desperate to restore their once majestic place amongst the stars, humanity seizes every planet within reach. Under the control of an aging galactic empire, xenocide is routine. For most, the Akked Galaxy is a grim, hopeless place.

Dispatched to subdue a separatist uprising, a government operative unearths an ancient relic. It somehow knows everything about him, even his darkest secrets. The strange device promises extraordinary power, but can he trust it?

A small group of diverse survivors, both human and alien, are led to a backwater planet by a vague prophecy. It declares they are the only ones capable of stopping the impending apocalypse. Before they can learn more, the peaceful world is thrust into chaos. Can they hold back the menacing darkness?

The four book Dawn Saga intertwines multiple viewpoints into an epic sci-fi tale, exploring human nature, evolution, and the future. If you enjoy Dune, The Expanse, or Ender’s Game, you’ll love the Dawn Saga!


What readers are saying about the Dawn Saga books:

★★★★★ 'Very entertaining, very enjoyable. Recommended.'
★★★★★ 'Excellent literary level of science fiction.'
★★★★★ 'The story is packed with so much mystery and action that it is hard to put down.'
★★★★★ 'I am looking forward to reading more from this author for years to come.'
★★★★★ 'If you like to read at night, BE CAREFUL - this book could well keep you awake all night!'
★★★★★'Fast moving space opera, fun to read.'
★★★★★ 'Page turner.'
★★★★★ 'Very good read.'


The Dawn Saga:

Book 1 - Breakers of the Dawn
Book 2 - Harbingers of the Dawn
Book 3 - Destroyers of the Dawn
Book 4 - Liberators of the Dawn

Dawn Saga Short Stories:

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